COVID -19 and Safety Guidelines - Pumpkins and Corn Maze Fields

1. When possible stay two meters (6 feet) away from other persons in the Pick Your Own and Corn Maze fields.

2. Please wear a mask when you are within two meters of our Farm Staff or other persons enjoying the Pick Your Own Field and Corn Maze. 

3. Stay home if you are sick.  

4.  For your safety, please wear foot wear that will allow you to walk on uneven farm field terrain.

5. Children are welcome but must be well supervised.

6. Please walk through the maze to avoid tripping and/or running into other persons in the maze.  This walking requirement includes all children.

7. The corn in the maze is not for picking.  It will be harvested in November.

8.  Do not pick pumpkins up by the stems as the stems are easy to break and your pumpkin will be ruined.