The ENTRANCE to the strawberry fields is on the north side of ELGIN MILLS ROAD, 700 m east of the Ninth Line. You can not get to the berry fields from the Farm Market.

FAQs - Strawberry Picking

Frequently Asked Questions for Reesor’s Pick Your Own Strawberries

  1. Can I change my picking reservation time?  Yes you can change with 24 hours notice.  Email and we will do our best to find another reservation date and time for you.
  2. Can I get a refund if I change my mind and do not want to pick? Once you buy your picking reservation online, that space is no longer available for other pickers.  We will do our best to find you another open picking time but do not give refunds.  
  3. What happens if it rains? Our fields are open rain or shine.  We will temporarily close if there is a thunderstorm or heavy rain.  For those pickers who are already at the farm we will extend the picking time if you wish to wait in your car until the storm passes or we can re book you for another date and time. If you have not yet arrived and there is heavy rain and thunderstorm, we will be glad to reschedule you. Email to reschedule.
  4. Can I bring a group to pick?   You may purchase as many spaces as are available together on one order.  We can not accommodate large groups.
  5. Can I share one basket with several family members? In order to control the number of persons in our fields at any one time, only people who have paid the entrance fee (that includes the basket and berries picked) will be permitted in the fields to pick.  The reservation is by number of people and not by number of baskets.
  6. Can I bring my pet? Please do not bring your pets. No pets are allowed in the fields or other parts of our farm.  It is usually too hot to leave a pet safely in your car.
  7. Can I bring family members along who are not picking? This is not recommended.  There are no walking areas or picnic areas on the farm that are open to the public.  Only persons with paid admission will be allowed in the fields.  Anyone else would have to remain in the car. 
  8. Can I have a picnic on your farm after picking? We do not have any picnic options for public use.  To ensure that we do not have crowds on the farm, all pickers will need to leave the farm once they have filled their baskets with strawberries. 
  9. Is there anything else I can pick or buy at the farm? The exit from the strawberry fields goes past our Farm Market.  There is a variety of Ontario fruits and vegetables for sell including our own ready picked strawberries and baking.   The next pick your own option is in the fall for pumpkins.
  10. Can I pick a large volume of berries, more than the 3 litre basket that comes with the picking reservation? Let the staff know when you are checking in for your basket and they can sell you additional baskets.  Once you are in the field, an additional 3 liter basket is $13.95 (includes the berries you pick) and a six litre is $27.50(includes the berries you pick)
  11. Can I bring my own containers ? All berries are being sold by volume and not weight.  Only our standard sized, recyclable, new baskets will be used in the fields.  The baskets and berries picked are included in the price of admission.
  12. Do you have special picking arrangements for seniors (65+) or those with health challenges? Yes, you may come directly to the field without an online reservation Monday-Thursday 7am to 8 am.  You will need to leave the field by 8:30am.    You may be accompanied by one non-senior.
  13. I am a senior but do not want to pick Monday –Thursday 7am -8:am. Can I come at another time?  Yes, you may, but you will need to go online to book a Reserved Picking Time.
  14. Do you have washrooms? We have a port-a-potty in the field.
  15. Can I pick on Sunday? Sunday is the staff and berry fields’ day of rest.  We welcome you to the farm on Monday-Saturday during picking season.