Important COVID-19 Picking Guidelines-Strawberries

Reesor’s Customer Expectations for COVID Safe Pick You Own

  1. Stay at home if expressing symptoms of COVID-19.   Do self-assessment at:.
  2. Use only Reesor’s baskets for picking. Containers from home will not be allowed in the PYO field.
  3. Wear a mask from the time you arrive at the PYO farm until you are in your assigned area and are picking. Please put on your mask when you are finished picking and are preparing to leave the field or, if you need to approach a staff person with a question. Children do not need to wear a mask as long as they are keeping their 2m distance from Reesor’s staff.
  4. Maintain 2m distance from other customers and staff.  
  5. No sampling so that you are not touching your mouth and then berries or baskets.
  6. Use the washroom before arriving at the PYO field. There will be a port-a –potty for emergency use only.
  7. Leave the field after one hour to give opportunity for others to have a socially distant picking experience.

Thank you for your cooperation.  By working together, Reesor’s staff and customers can all have a safe 2021 strawberry picking season!