The ENTRANCE to the strawberry fields is on the north side of ELGIN MILLS ROAD, 700 m east of the Ninth Line. You can not get to the berry fields from the Farm Market.

Strawberry Pick Your Own Hours and Price

HOURS: The Pick Your Own Hours for persons with pre-paid reservations are:

*8:30 am until 6pm Monday through Thursday 
7am until 6pm on Friday and  7AM TO 5PM on Saturday

The field will close one hour after the last picking time each day. 

*The 7am to 8am time slot Monday -Thursday is reserved for seniors (65+) who wish to pick.  An online reservation is not required for senior who wish to pick during these hours.  Seniors coming to pick during this time period may be accompanied by one non-senior. To enter the field each person, senior and accompaniment person, must purchase a 3 liter basket at the field wagon.  The price is below.  Senior hour pickers need to clear the field by 8:30 to make room for pickers coming who have 8:30 reservations.

Note:  Fields will close if there is severe weather conditions, ie thunder and lightning otherwise we are open for persons who have a schedule picking time.


Adults  (13 years and over) - $14.  This price includes access to the strawberry fields, a 3 liter basket and the berries picked.  Each adult who wishes to enter the strawberry fields must have pre-paid reservation.   Additional 3 liter baskets may be purchased for $13. at the field.  A 6 liter basket is $26.  All prices include the cost of the berries you pick to put in the baskets! 

Children three to 12 years - $7.50.  This price includes access to the strawberry fields, a 1.5 liter basket and the berries picked.  Children 12 and under do not need a reservation, they can pay at the farm as long as they are with adults who have a pre-paid reservation.  There needs to be at least one adult with every four children. All children must be well supervised and stay in the immediate vicinity of the parent (s).